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Chiarman - K. S. Rama Rao

In the Telugu industry for over 30 years, K.S. Rama Rao is acclaimed to be one of the most renowned and highly respected producers. Having achieved a name that one relates with successful endeavors, his position in the industry is an honorable one.

Personal Information:

K.S. Rama Rao is from Vijayawada in India, where his family worked in the textile industry. Growing up, Rao was passionate about cinema and his fascination with Tollywood was ever-increasing.He harnessed this passion and seized the opportunity to apprentice the well-known Director K. Raghavendra Rao in the year 1967. By the end of 1970 he had worked on three successful films with Raghavendra Rao, BandipotuDongalu being his first, and earned himself a distinguished and reputed position in the industry. He was also a part of the Jai Andhra movement, where he led one of the wings legally advised by the Vijayawada Bar Council.

Professional Information:

K.S. Rama Raois famously acknowledged as a noted film and TV serial producer, with projects numbering beyond 50. He is also the founder & chairman of Creative Commercials, which is one of the leading media and entertainment companies in India that provides innovative delivery solutions to feature films, and services its clients with unique capabilities.

Throughout his career, K.S. Rama Rao has been awarded for his excellence through numerous accolades in the form of prestigious awards and titles such as The President for the Producer Counsel, Chairman for Film Nagar Cultural Club, and President for Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce. His well defined approach to cinema has won his films like Chanti and Mathrudevo Bhava, as well as tele-serial Meghamala awards at various levels. His balanced work outlook and impeccable knowledge and exposure are a noteworthy mention.

Managing Director/ Creative Head - Alexander Vallabha Kudaravalli

Mr. Vallabha believes there is no substitute to knowing a person, than in person. However, before that happens and to save valuable time, let these words act as a brief introduction of him. Vallabha, having been born to a humbly noted Telugu Movie Producer, Mr. K.S. Rama Rao ( who has been producing films since 1973) acquired his passion for films, and the art of storytelling as an inheritance.

After completing, his MBA in Marketing from BMS College, Bangalore, joined Ms. Asha Chandra, Mumbai. She helped him develop both acting and directing skills. It helped him understand how an actor would and should perform. He continued his training with various gurus. Were fine-tuned in mannerisms’ and style in acting from Mr. Satyanand, Vizag. His thirst for arts made him perceive the lost art of Diction modulation from A.P. Theatre’s Chairman, Mr. Deekshithulu. After getting the strong academics behind him, and in order to learn the practical applicability of these skills he worked with Mr. Krishna Vamsi as an Assistant Director for the movie “Sri Anjaneyam ” for a brief period.

Mr. Vallabha continued his journey in cinema becoming a producer to many big and medium budget films. Being a Producer gave him the priceless opportunity to learn the remaining of the 24 crafts. He experienced the unparalleled opportunity to learn the nuances in each craft, as he was the final authority to decide on so many aspects, from scrutinizing the Special Equipment indent put forward by the direction department, to lenses requested by the cinematographer. The props required by the Art Director, to the number of Stunt artists required by the Stunt Coordinator, to selecting of perfect Talent for each character.

As a creative head of Dreams Mine Animations, Vallabha conceptualised the complete Visual Graphic Effects for the Telugu Film Industry Diamond Jubilee Celebrations organized by Wizcraft. For the first time in the South Indian Film Industry, the actor and matinee idol NTR addressed the opening ceremony through photo realistic 3D animation, produced by Vallabha and his team.

Vallabha has produced the following films:

“Veera Kannadiga” in a film made in the Kannada language with Punneth Rajkumar in the lead. Budget: $540,000

“Chukkallo Chandrudu” in the Telugu language with Siddharth in the lead. Budget: $540,000

“Dhammu” in the Telugu language. Jr. N.T.R. in the lead. Budget: $6 Million

“Malli Malli Idhi Raani Roju” in in the Telugu language. Sharwanand and Nithya Menon as the leading actors. Budget: $1.2 million

With humbly rich experience of these creative skills acquired through years of exposure, working with some of the finest artists and craftsmen in their respective fields of the Movie Industry. Vallabha is a passionate, experienced, and creatively inclined film producer and an aspiring filmmaker.

Any words beyond this would be more audible from Vallabha.